Uses of Chamomile

To make a tea:
The chamomile blossom can be used to make a tea, that has a subtle apple-pineapple fragrance to it. It has a nice calming effect. After a long day, nothing beats a cup of chamomile tea.

Use in the garden:
German chamomile produces an abundance of fragrant, white, small daisy like flowers. The yellow middle part has a conical shape to it. Even the foliage, which has a fern like appearance has a nice aroma. Plant these in containers, beds or borders. They are a cheerful, dainty plant.

Other uses:
In the past, some have used the fragrant dried leaves and flowers in pillows and potpourri. Some have used a chamomile hair rinse to brighten fair colored hair. To make such a rinse, steep one handful of of fresh or dried flowers in 1 quart of boiling water for 30 minutes. Make sure to cool completely, then strain, and pour several times over hair.